Message of support from Bishop Joseph Toal- Diocese of Motherwell

Bishop Joseph Toal of the Diocese of Motherwell has endorsed the Rosary on the coast with his words of encoragement.

"I encourage the participation of the people of the Diocese of Motherwell in the Rosary on the Coast, which is taking place on Sunday April 29th at 3pm. Being the only land-locked Diocese in Scotland we need to look further afield for the coast, but I'm sure many people will enjoy a day out and we hope it will be a very happy day with nice weather and that the prayers we offer on that day will benefit ourselves and all of the people in our country. We pray especially that our own coast may be protected from any danger and that people will feel welcome amongst us when they do arrive in Scotland. So I commend it very much to you and hope that a good number of you will participate and that transport will be arranged to take you to your chosen locations."

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