Rosary Stronghold with the Holy Family:

Protecting our Families and the Family of Nations

May Rosary Mission 2021

Blessed News! The Holy Father has invited the entire Universal Church to participate in a great Rosary Mission to plead before the throne of God for an end to the coronavirus pandemic and for the healing for the wounds this pandemic has caused in the hearts of individuals, families and nations. 

 We are delighted to unite our May 2021 Rosary Stronghold Mission with the Rosary Mission of the Holy Father to the Universal Church.

Press Release from the Congregation for the promotion of the New Evangelisation

April 21st 2021

At the Heart of the Holy Father’s wish, the month of May will be dedicated to a marathon of prayer from the theme “From the whole Church the prayer to God went up incessantly. (Act 12,5)” The initiative will involve in a special way all the Sanctuaries of the World, so that they become promoters to the faithful, families and communities of the recitation of the Rosary to invoke the end of the Pandemic. Thirty representative Shrines, scattered all over the world, will guide the Marian prayer, which will be broadcast live on the official channels of the Holy See at 18.00 (Rome time) every evening.  Pope Francis will open this great prayer on May 1st and end it on May 31st.

We draw your attention to our May Rosary Mission 2021 where we invite once again the peoples of the Dioceses of Scotland, Wales and England to pray the Rosary for the following intentions:

1.    Protecting our families and the family of nations, especially in this Year of St Joseph

2.    A deepening of faith, hope and love and the protection of life

3.    Peace in the world

4.    Deliverance from Coronavirus; for those working for a cure; for those who have died; for those who are suffering and those who care for them.

We invite you to participate in this Rosary Mission in the light of the recent Rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary on March 29th 2020, the Consecration of Scotland to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on September 3rd 2017 and in our ongoing intercession for Wales. 

 As the month of May goes forward we will CRY OUT with Pope Francis with ever-greater intensity before the Throne of GOD for our pleadings to be heard! Let us unite in prayer and create spiritually a Rosary Stronghold of protection with the Holy Family upon our Families, the Church, our Isles and the Family of Nations.

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Rosary with the Holy Father

Carfin Grotto has the great privilege to join live with Pope Francis for the crowning of his May Rosary Mission. 

Join live with the Holy Father on Monday 31st May at Carfin Grotto.

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National Rosary Relay Rally Poster

Sunday May 30th - Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity we host a National Rosary Relay Rally for Faith, Life & Peace across the Dioceses of the British Isles.

Locate your Diocesan Rosary Hour and share across your Diocese! #PraytheRosary Share! Share! Share!


England & Wales - Schools Poster

Download a pdf copy of the Rosary Mission Briefing Document


Scotland - Schools Poster

Download a pdf copy of the Rosary Mission Briefing Document

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Rosary Mission - Briefing Document

Download a pdf copy of the Rosary Mission Briefing Document

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Rosary Mission Poster 1 - Key Dates

Download a pdf copy of the Rosary Mission Briefing Document

Rosary Stronghold 2021 - Key Dates (Scot

Rosary Mission Poster 2 - Key Dates

Download a pdf copy of the Rosary Mission Briefing Document


Document -Where you can join online

Download a pdf copy of the links to where you can join each evening Rosary's online broadcast

Each night at 8.00pm there will be the Rosary – to Jesus through Mary led from a
different Parish/Shrine. 



Bishop John Keenan - Bishop of Paisley, Scotland 

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Fr. Jason Jones - Sacred Heart, Morriston

                       & Diocesan Divine Mercy Shrine, Wales



Fr. James Grant - Guardian of Carfin Grotto  - Scotland's National Marian Shrine 

Rosary Whirlwind 2020 - Walsingham All.j


Mgr. Philip Moger and the Walsingham Franciscans  - Basilica of Our Lady of Walsingham - England's National Marian Shrine

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Mgr. John Armitage - St. Margaret's Canning Town.

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Fr. Lawrence Lew - London Rosary Shrine 

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Canon Alexander Sherbrooke – St. Patrick’s Soho

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