Reflection to follow up ‘Rosary under the Cross’ in the British Isles on Sunday October 7th 2018 F

Thank you for your participation in “Rosary under the Cross”, a day of grace that will surely meet Our Lord’s merciful response. In the meanwhile let’s keep praying and be faithful.

People from fifty-six nations joined our Crusade of Prayer and some undertook Rosary Coast to Coast for the first time.

‘Rosary under the Cross’

“Rosary under the Cross” reminded us the of need for Eucharistic Reparation, and Our Lady of Fatima’s appeal for the Communion of Reparation of the Five First Saturdays.

This global Rosary Movement has begun to move the whole Church and us to reparation and confession for our sins.

We have been horrified by the public fall of members of the Church, and feel insecure. The Rosary of Reparation and the Act of Reparation have given us a voice to express our anguish before the Lord. We felt relief to express our sorrow together, and glimpse the way to return the Church to the narrow path of the Gospel. We sensed “the time has come for the judgment to begin at the household of God.” (1 Pet 4:17).

The gesture of prostration in penitence before the Blessed Sacrament was a profound moment of humbling, pleading for mercy from God the Father for the sins of the world and our own sins. One elderly lady had never experienced such deep penance for her own sins and of her youth. The laity felt healing in the penitential prostration of their Bishop and priests, humbling themselves before the Lord in helplessness and trust.

Bishop Keenan said: The Church has lost hold of the first and perennial call of the Gospel: to repent and believe the Good News, and deafness t

o this call is the root of the crisis in which the Church and the world find ourselves. There is no way to renewal of the Church and the salvation of our times that does not pass by the way of repentance and reparation.

The Church is, at last, beginning to respond to the Lords plea: If my people humble themselves, pray, seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, I myself will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and restore their land’. (2 Chron. 7:14)

The way of Eucharistic Reparation and the Rosary are the spiritual weapons of these times, and will lead to peace in the world where the Eucharistic reign of Jesus enfolds the nations and Christ the King reigns in every heart.

Let’s remain close in prayer as we discern the way ahead.

Bishop John, Antonia, John and Brian

Rosary Movement of Reparation


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